Series Creator Robert Kirkman Clarifies Fate Of Michonne’s Family On The Walking Dead


The tragic fate that befell young Carl Grimes isn’t the only example of The Walking Dead splitting from canon; as part of his post-release commentary for issue #177, series creator and all-around comic book maestro Robert Kirkman has clarified exactly what’s going on with Michonne’s family.

As reported by, Kirkman addressed the issue over on his Letter Hacks column for the latest Walking Dead, and stressed that while AMC’s adaptation has alluded to Michonne’s son, Andre, who lost his life right around the time of the zombie outbreak, the comic book character on which Danai Gurira’s survivor is based actually has two daughters. And they may well be alive.

This isn’t the TV show. TV show Michonne had one son, confirmed to be dead. Comic book Michonne had two daughters THOUGHT to be dead. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the responses to this arc thus far. Elodie is already quickly becoming a fan-favorite character, and the Commonwealth seems to have all of you as excited as it has us! It’s so rewarding to know that over ONE-HUNDRED-SEVEN-FIVE issues into this epic journey we’re all taking together, we’ve still got some surprises up our sleeves that work. So, thank you for all the kind words. Now let’s hope we don’t screw things up!

That ought to clear things up for fans of The Walking Dead – regardless of whether you get your zombie fix via television or comics…or both!

Meanwhile, back on the small screen, The Walking Dead‘s eighth season will continue this coming Sunday with “Dead or Alive Or,” and let’s just hope it can jump-start those miserable ratings. Indeed, not since 2010 has TWD been performing so poorly among the key 18-49 demographic, so AMC’s undead flagship faces a tall order if it’s to really get back on course before season 8 is finished.

Source: Skybound