The Walking Dead Promo Finds Maggie And Carol In Big Trouble


Last night’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead saw Rick and his crew carry out their most brutal act yet, as they crept into The Saviours’ compound and mercilessly murdered a bunch of people in their sleep. Okay, so they weren’t very nice people – but seeing our “heroes” behave in this way was still difficult to watch, and their kill first ask questions later approach cost them dearly by the end.

**Spoilers will follow**

Just when it seemed that the Alexandria group were home free, a female voice over the radio tells Rick that Maggie and Carol had been taken prisoner. This woman is clearly one of The Saviours, and the actress who plays her, Alicia Witt, informed her fans that she nabbed a mystery role on the show some time ago.

Comic readers will know that this is all building up to the introduction of the Saviours’ leader, Negan – but does the capture of Carol and Maggie mean we’ll be witnessing one of those beloved characters meeting “Lucille” instead of Glenn?

With three episodes still to go until the season finale, pretty much anything is possible. Regardless of how it all plays out though, we can’t wait for The Walking Dead to return next Sunday.