The Walking Dead Reveals New Trailer And Photos


Arriving courtesy of Bloody Disgusting and Yahoo TV, a new trailer and four high-res photos have been unleashed for the upcoming third season of AMC’s smash zombie series The Walking Dead. The studio has been on marketing overdrive as of late with images, clips, behind-the-scenes videos and everything in between both serving to satisfy rabid fans as much as they do to drive them insane with anticipation.

The extended trailer we got through Comic Con certainly gave us an in-depth look at the prison setting and the new villain, The Governor, who leads another band of refugees and (of course) some violent walker-dispatching.

This new clip is certainly heavy on the latter, giving us a gory tease at the hand-to-hand siege of the infested West Central Prison by Rick Grimes, his family and the remaining survivors.

Returning to AMC October 14, The Walking Dead will debut to eight episodes before taking a brief hiatus. The series will then returning with eight additional segments in February of 2013 which will then hopefully accompany the news of a forthcoming fourth season (barring the fact that season three is as amazing as it looks).

Check out the trailer and images below, and be sure to head over to our page for The Walking Dead to catch up on everything you might have missed.

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