Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Final Scene The Way It Was Meant To Be Seen

the walking dead season 4

If you are foaming at the jowls for The Walking Dead‘s season 5 debut on October 12th (watch the trailer), it’s likely that said jowls may contain a speck of bitterness as to how season 4 ended. In the very last scene of the season, after Rick and company have been locked in a train car as prisoners of the Terminus camp, Rick – with strains of light beaming onto his illuminated face – says, “They’re screwing with the wrong people.”

That’s right. With the threat of death looming above him and his camp, Rick chooses to go all PG. It’s an anti-climatic moment that required a bit more intensity to cap off a highly volatile series of events. But, fear not walker/biter fans. AMC will be releasing the uncensored, original version of this scene when The Walking Dead season 4 hits Blu-ray/DVD on August 26.

If you cannot wait until then, well…

That’s much better isn’t it? It’s amazing how the temperature of a television scene can change with just the subtle drop of a hardened F-bomb. The way the lower lip flicks off the top of the teeth releasing a burst of effervescent energy….it’s enough to sooth even the most sadistic soul. In this case, it is our souls that need soothing, because, damn it Rick, BE MAD!

And if you didn’t know the origins of this scene from the last episode of The Walking Dead, then you can look back to the comics for the exact panel that this was mined from:

Source: Reddit

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