AMC Confirms Super-Sized Midseason Finale For The Walking Dead Season 8


As tensions rise and fan theories continue to ricochet off the four corners of the Internet, today brings confirmation that AMC will honor tradition and roll out a super-sized episode for The Walking Dead season 8’s midseason finale.

Per, the so-far untitled instalment will reportedly stretch for 88 minutes in total – fitting, really, given it’ll be remembered as the eighth episode of the historic eighth season – with a Talking Dead special to follow at 10:28 pm ET, as opposed to the regularly scheduled 10:00 pm slot.

Pegged to arrive on December 10th, season 8’s midseason finale is yet to nail down an official synopsis, but it’ll no doubt involve the all-encompassing war between Negan and Rick Grimes, which has now been raging for the best part of two whole seasons. And don’t be fooled into thinking that the eighth episode will deliver all the answers; as Greg Nicotero teased earlier this week, The Walking Dead‘s creators plan to keep the pedal to the metal long into 2018.

Exactly what that means for Rick and his crew is still up for question, but fan site The Spoiling Dead Fans has already posted some pretty revealing details regarding season 8’s super-sized midseason finale. As we reported back in August, the outlet captured a series of explosive set videos that showed Alexandria engulfed in flames.

There was also a shot of Negan confronting young Carl Grimes, which goes some way to explaining why Chandler Riggs’ pint-sized survivor has been tipped for an early demise. Either that, or Carl will go on to become the new Negan. And really, we’re not sure which hypothetical theory we prefer.

The Walking Dead season 8 will be back on our screens with “Some Guy,” which has been slated for a premiere this Sunday, November 12th, on AMC. Looking further afield, what are your hopes (and fears!) for the midseason finale? Do let us know down below.