Watch A Cornered Negan Battle Zombies In Latest Featurette For The Walking Dead Season 8


The Ezekiel-centric “Some Guy” may have left some pretty big boots to fill, but it’s fair to say that last night’s instalment of The Walking Dead, “The Big Scary U,” kept our hearts racing and palms sweating.

True to their word, AMC’s showrunners have played around with the formula all throughout season 8, and “The Big Scary U” was no exception. After spending some time in the Kingdom to present a status report on Ezekiel, last night saw The Walking Dead switch the focus to Negan and his sadistic Saviors, who wound up trapped within a horde of insatiable Walkers.

And so, after documenting life within the Sanctuary just prior to Rick’s carefully planned attack, “The Big Scary U” dives straight into the action, and the extended runtime – fans were treated to 10 minutes of additional content, which only has us all the more excited for season 8’s super-sized mid-season finale, “How It’s Gotta Be” – gave us some genuine insight into Negan and his rule over The Sanctuary.

But if you’re wanting a more thorough breakdown of what went down, AMC has now posted a featurette for “The Big Scary U,” which is designed to offer a blow-by-blow analysis of The Walking Dead‘s most recent instalment.

You’ll also be able to catch interviews with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and some of the show’s leading producers, who explain their reasoning behind what is essentially a Negan-centric episode.

Looking further afield, though, and The Walking Dead season 8 is quietly gearing up for “The King, the Widow, and Rick,” which looks to sow the seeds of discord among the Hilltop community. Here’s the official synopsis:

With things looking up for Rick and the group, an argument breaks out at the Hilltop; the consequences of the decision are life versus death.

It’ll air on Sunday, November 26th, before The Walking Dead season 8 eventually goes for break mid-way through December. Then, if AMC honors tradition, the second and conclusive batch of episodes will be with us in February.