Carl Grimes Returns Via Flashback In The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale


Carl Grimes will feature in The Walking Dead season 8 finale…kind of.

As the dust begins to settle from last night’s penultimate episode, AMC has dropped another sneak peek of Sunday’s finale, “Wrath,” and it features a very familiar face.

First spotted by, this nostalgic image appears to reveal a flashback to simpler times, long before half of the world’s population was reduced to a horde of rabid, flesh-munching zombies. Not only that, but it shows the fresh-faced Rick Grimes walking alongside his only son Carl, who so tragically bit the bullet when The Walking Dead season 8 returned from its winter hiatus back in February.

That tells us The Walking Dead‘s impending finale includes a little time capsule of Rick and Carl set before the apocalypse, though the question remains: did Chandler Riggs shoot additional scenes prior to his departure? Or is this flashback to a younger Carl, who is clearly being played by a different child actor, all we can expect from Sunday’s installment? We’ll leave that one to you…

The Walking Dead Carl Grimes

Meanwhile, and according to AMC’s official synopsis (below), “Wrath” will bring about a satisfying sense of closure to season 8’s “All-Out War,” as the Alexandrians and their allies gear up for one final battle against Negan and his gang of Saviors. Just don’t hold your breath for Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s bat-wielding maniac, Negan, to kick the bucket anytime soon.

The communities join forces in the last stand against the Saviors as all-out war unfolds.

Buckle up, folks; The Walking Dead season 8 lights the fuse for “All-Out War” on Sunday, April 15th. And below you’ll be able to catch a sneak peek of what’s to come.

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