Rick Plots Revenge In The Gripping New Promo For The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Premiere


Proving that Maggie Rhee won’t be the only one forced onto a path of vengeance, AMC has pumped out another Rick-centric promo for The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere. And it’s heavy on emotions and light on thrills.

Unsurprisingly, Andrew Lincoln’s wounded hero is very much the focus of this morbid teaser, who can be seen threatening an off-screen baddie (Negan, perhaps?).

One way or another, the death of young Carl Grimes will have massive repercussions for the rest of season 8, and at least according to showrunner Scott Gimple, February’s extended episode – one that’ll release under the title “Honor” – sets “very important ideas for the rest of the season; very important motivations, and it re-contextualizes everything that’s been going on and gives it a perspective that just can’t be denied. It scrambles some things.”

Perhaps Gimple is actually referring to the use of flash-forwards? We’ll find out on February 25th, because with an official synopsis teasing “new difficulties” and “hard decisions,” it’s clear that season 8’s mid-season premiere will be one to remember – even if that isn’t reflected in the ratings.

Here’s the official logline:

With Alexandria destroyed and half of the Kingdom dead, Rick comes back home to devastating news. Carl has been bitten by a walker, and what little shred of hope the determined leader against Negan’s forces had lies in tatters. On the other side of the conflict, Negan has to wrangle control over the ensuing power struggle in Sanctuary.

February 25th will herald the return of The Walking Dead season 8. Looking further afield, AMC’s juggernaut has already secured a ninth season, and it’ll make history in its own right by electing Angela Kang as its first female showrunner.