Synopses For The Walking Dead Season 8 Episodes 4-8 Provide A Lot Of Clues


The Walking Dead season 8 is now just hours away, with the hit zombie drama’s 100th episode landing on AMC later tonight. We’ve heard a fair amount about what the premiere will contain already, including many nods to the past and a potential explanation of Old Man Rick, and thanks to some brief synopses released a few weeks ago, we also have an idea of how things will develop over the first few episodes of the season.

Now, though, we’re getting a look at some of the later installments, as short summaries for episode 4 right up to the midseason finale have dropped, bringing with them a vague sense of how the plot will progress over the next few weeks. Obviously, if you’re at all spoiler-phobic, you may want to steer clear of these. You’ve been warned…

Season 8, Ep. 4 – “Some Guy”

A new weapon in the Savior arsenal proves to be a giant hurdle as fighting continues between Rick’s forces and those of the Saviors.

Season 8, Ep. 5 – “The Big Scary U”

A close look at Negan and the lives of the Saviors during the conflict through a familiar set of eyes.

Season 8, Ep. 6 – “The King, the Widow, and Rick”

With things looking up for Rick and the group, an argument breaks out at the Hilltop; the consequences of the decision are life versus death.

Season 8, Ep. 7 – (No Title Yet)

Negan has to enlist the help of his lieutenants in solving a huge issue facing the Sanctuary; Rick and the group continue to enact the plan.

Season 8, Ep. 8 – (No Title Yet) [Mid-Season Finale]

Every story and battle from the first half of the season comes crashing together in this action-packed, emotional mid-season finale.

All but the final two episodes are given titles here, with the names of #7 and 8 likely revealing too much to be announced this early on. Still, the synopses offer up some juicy details, such as the “new weapon” the Saviors will acquire in episode 4, “Some Guy,” and a big “life versus death” decision that Rick and the group will have to make in episode 6, “The King, the Widow, the Rick” (which must refer to Ezekiel, Maggie and, er, Rick).

Episode 5, meanwhile, sounds like it’s going to be one of those TWD outings told from a side character’s perspective. Going by the “familiar set of eyes” comment, it’s probably Eugene.

Be sure to catch The Walking Dead when it premieres tonight at 9PM on AMC.