Producer Claims The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Is The “Most Ambitious Episode” Yet


Go big, or go home.

That’s the attitude of The Walking Dead season 8’s premiere, “Mercy,” which has now been billed as the show’s “most ambitious episode” yet. How fitting, given that it’s set to be remembered as the big 100.

Word comes by way of After detailing the title and official synopsis of “Mercy,” along with the “incredibly propulsive” episode set to arrive on October 22nd, CB recently caught up with Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer on The Walking Dead, to discuss what next month’s instalment has in store and how its debut will leave a lasting impact on the remainder of the season.

“It is the most ambitious episode we have ever done. There will be elements shot during succeeding episodes. It’s that big.”

Those of you who have paid close attention to The Walking Dead‘s production cycle of late will know that season 8’s premiere spent an extra day before the cameras, which would explain that super-sized running time. Word is “Mercy” will flit back and forth in time to create a sprawling and somewhat non-linear narrative, which certainly aligns with what Ross Marquand (Aaron) told

They play with the storytelling of how we maneuver around time and everything. It’s told in a very interesting, narrative way. It’s a massive departure from how we’ve been telling the story for the last few seasons and it’s a really creative fun way of telling.

Weighing in at 69 minutes in length, “Mercy” will herald The Walking Dead‘s return on October 22nd – just don’t expect an in-depth explanation for that hotly-contested Old Man Rick scene; chances are TWD won’t divulge all of the answers until later in season 8.