The Walking Dead Season Finale Promo Introduces Negan


We’ve been hearing about the big bad of The Walking Dead season 6 for a very long time now, and today an international promo for the season finale finally gives us our first look at him.

Granted, it’s more a teasing glimpse than a proper, full on introduction, but there’s enough here to infuse fans with an equal amount of excitement and nervousness. Readers of Robert Kirkman’s comics especially will no doubt get chills when the vicious villain introduces himself while brandishing his infamous weapon of choice: a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he calls “Lucille.”


Fans have been debating which character will find themselves on the receiving end of Lucille’s wrath since it was confirmed that Negan was going to be introduced to the show. In the comics, it’s Glenn, but with all the fake-out stuff surrounding him earlier in the season, many think it’s going to someone else – especially when you factor in how much AMC likes to take liberties with what went down in the source material.

Tell us, which poor soul do you think is going to meet Lucille in the season finale of The Walking Dead? Sound off below and let us know!