The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus On The “Tough” Season 7 Shoot


The first half of the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead was undeniably rough on fans, but it seems that some of the cast also had a pretty hard time of things while filming it. Following the events of the now infamous season premiere in which two beloved characters were brutally murdered, those that survived Negan’s wrath found themselves splintered, broken, and without much hope of a respite from the Saviors’ tyranny.

Though the midseason finale did tease better times ahead for Rick and co., Norman Reedus (Daryl) has admitted that he and his castmates found the first half of season 7 a lot more difficult to shoot than usual because most of them were split up and embroiled in separate story arcs.

You know, this show always feels like the show to me when that group is working in unison, and that first half was very hard for us to film. It was just rough. We were all separated, and we just kind of missed each other. We missed having the feeling that we had when we started this thing. I mean, I know the show evolves and all of that stuff, but man, that first half was rough, so I’m excited that we’re all back together. I know everybody’s excited

It’s definitely nice to know that the band will be getting back together in the midseason premiere, but remember, the Alexandrians (along with a few other communities) are only regrouping to wage an all-out war against Negan, so we might well be mourning the demise of yet another major character before the season’s end. Who that could be is hard to say, but don’t be surprised if the show kills off one of your favorites before things conclude.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC with its final batch of season 7 episodes on February 12th, when it will hope to turn things around and barrel towards what sounds like an explosive conclusion to what’s been an otherwise mediocre season for the show so far.

Source: EW