The Killing Review: “Reckoning” (Season 3, Episode 9)



I must admit that last week’s episode took me by surprise. I just didn’t expect it to be THAT good. As it turns out, it was wonderfully crafted and competently acted, and I even deemed it The Killing‘s best episode yet. I wholeheartedly believed that last Sunday the show had reached its peak, and the few remaining episodes would be merely decent.

WRONG. I was WRONG. I was so WRONG. Man, was I WRONG. When I started watching tonight’s episode, I clearly failed to foresee its greatness. I was surprised when I found out Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme had directed it, but had no idea I was about to witness a miracle in the form of a 42-minute spectacle. I’m speechless. Oh, by the way, *SPOILERS AHEAD.*

So, as you may or may not know, a main character died. Try ended with a shot of the Pied Piper stalking Bullet from a distance, albeit I certainly didn’t think they’d just write her off. Bex Taylor-Klaus was a fantastic addition to the cast, and the character she played was a personal favorite of mine. Alas, I’m assuming Veena Sud knows that sometimes you need to kill your darlings for the sake of plot and character development, which I applaud.

Holder blames himself, natch. Should he, though? Well, that’s debatable. Bullet lied to him about Pastor Mike and subsequently almost got Linden killed, so there’s that. It was childish and moronic. Then again, she’s a fifteen-year old runaway girl, of course she’s liable to err occasionally. On the other hand, Holder’s a detective, and a supposedly responsible  young man, who just so happens to be working on a high-profile case that Bullet could have assisted him with.

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