The Killing Season Finale Review: “From Up Here / The Road To Hamelin” (Season 3, Episodes 11&12)


Ray Seward was sorely missed. Peter Sarsgaard’s performance as the convict was season three’s highlight, yet the character was killed off last week, and there was no one to replace him in the finale. I previously argued that his death was necessary for plot development, although I honestly doubt they’ll find anyone half as charming as him for season four (if there is one). Needless to say, these two episodes suffered due to his absence.

Reddick. I hardly ever mention him, but I think he deserves a spot on The Killing‘s top five red herrings. They actually attempted to deceive audiences by making us think Reddick was the killer… in the finale! Seriously, who bought that? Hell, even Holder and Linden believe it for a while, their only proof an old picture of him and a Pied Piper victim. Linden points out that he hadn’t mentioned knowing any of the victims, as that would have clearly helped the case, and the reason behind this is never fully explained.

Once again, this is not a negative review. While the two-part finale does have its share of flaws, there were some redeeming qualities, such as Mireille Enos’ fantastic performance as Sarah Linden, especially the scene where Skinner drives her into the woods. She reacts the same way anyone would if they found out their significant other was a serial killer. Both episodes are adequately paced and competently shot — only the writing continues to concern me.

Will The Killing be renewed for a fourth season? Despite my mixed feelings about this episode, I sure hope so. Several episodes in season three stood out as groundbreaking, emotionally-charged and gritty, and a huge improvement over an intermittently decent second season. Despite the somewhat underwhelming finale, I certainly wouldn’t be against the show returning for a fourth outing.

What did you think about this week’s episode? Should The Killing be renewed, or is it time to call it quits?

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