New Flash Theory Explains How Jesse Quick Might Return

The Flash

One of the consequences of the Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was to create a greater possibility for characters to return to the series, whether in new forms, or via some of the multidimensional logic the DC shows are known for. And fan favorite speedster Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) could be one person brought back in the next season of The Flash, according to a new theory over on ScreenRant.

Jesse Quick, otherwise known as Jesse Wells, was the daughter of Earth-2’s Harry Wells, and was originally used by the supervillain Zoom to force the scientist to follow his orders. Introduced in season 2 of the series, she then moved to Earth-1 after being rescued and cut off from her own universe. Following that, she gained speedster powers and joined Team Flash, forming a relationship with Wally West, and temporarily took over as the Flash of Earth-3.

By the time of the “Crisis,” Jesse was back on Earth-2 and presumed to have been wiped out of existence by the antimatter wave that destroyed that universe. While the ScreenRant story does acknowledge how bringing Jesse back is more difficult due to there now being just one Harrison Wells, it doesn’t rule out her being reintroduced as the lost child of that character.

With Beane now freed up by the end of her show God Friended Me, it’s not out of the question she could make a comeback to the Arrowverse, especially considering how other figures are apparently being retconned. However, Jesse would need a new backstory as the daughter of the Earth-Prime Wells, possibly through his having a relationship with the equivalent of his partner on the destroyed Earth-2.

One complication to this move involves Jesse losing her father when Reverse-Flash stole Wells’ identity, in what’s likely still the case on the new Earth, as it’s so central to The Flash‘s history. As such, we could see a very different take on Jesse, and one that would have to find another way for her to gain meta-human abilities. Either way, it’s an intriguing idea and does fit in with reports of season 7 finding new ways to bring back familiar actors, including some villains.

We’re currently expecting The CW to resume airing new episodes of The Flash in January 2021, despite recent COVID-19 delays, at which point many of the lingering questions from the shortened season 6 should hopefully be resolved.