These are the best gifts for ‘Yellowstone’ fans

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Paramount’s hit series Yellowstone first aired on June 20, 2018 and has brought fans on an incredibly wild ride ever since. The series focuses on the Dutton family, the ranch they own, and all of the high-stakes drama that accompanies their way of life. There are no signs of Yellowstone slowing down anytime soon, with three seasons under its belt and a fourth airing now.

With a gripping storyline, all-star cast, and breathtaking setting, it’s easy to get caught up in all things Dutton. The characters, albeit a lot more intense than many of us, are relatable, and their storylines are enough to break your heart. In some cases, they leave you ready to fight on their behalf and sometimes even make you want to see Rip take them to the train station.

Yellowstone has just returned for its fourth season, and fans have been waiting with bated breath for each new episode. With the finale of season 3, it felt like a waiting game to see if anyone would survive the events that left four of our favorite characters with their lives hanging in the balance.

In addition to the continued story of Yellowstone, fans have also been made privy to its prequel, 1883, coming to Paramount Plus this December. The new series will give fans a look at previous Dutton generations and their struggles, turmoil, and celebrations as they navigated life so many years ago.

It would come as no surprise if fans of the series mentioned Yellowstone when asked what gifts they’d like for the holidays. So just what can you gift the Yellowstone fan in your life this Christmas? We’ve got you covered with a list of items they’ll thank you for.

Beth Dutton wine glass

Beth Dutton is a force to be reckoned with. She’s strong-willed, determined, and a heck of a woman. She’s tough, takes no crap from anyone, and is not the kind of girl you want to make an enemy of. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t bother her at all. She’d rather be a glass of tequila, anyway. These wine glasses are the perfect gift for any Beth fan in your life, and the ultimate warning, too. You won’t want someone to go “Beth Dutton” on you. There are also glasses with the exact quote and a few other Dutton doozies that you can gift to those fans who like to finish off the day with a nice adult beverage.

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch hoodie

There’s nothing like a comfortable hoodie you can wear with everything and still show off your love for Yellowstone. This hoodie has a great fit, it highlights your love for the series without being “too much,” and is a great conversation starter. People love Yellowstone, and fans love to talk about it. You’re likely to get stopped in your local cafe or store for wearing this one, and it’s a great way to meet fellow fans! There are several versions of this hoodie available, but some have longer shipping times, so be sure to order yours soon!

Rip Wheeler keychain

If you or the Yellowstone fan in your life is less “showy” about their adoration for the series, then this keychain is a great gift option. The train station is a critical part of the series, and if you don’t know, well…you’ve got to find out. Of course, you won’t ever want your own lift to the train station, but Rip is always willing to hand them out anyway. This gift option will make your Yellowstone fan laugh upon opening it and smile every time they look down at their keys.

The added cowboy hat on the keychain is a great touch, too. As any Yellowstone fan will tell you, the cowboy hat is a staple to the look of just about everyone on the series. To have it hanging on the keychain next to Rip is a perfect nod to those little details.

Yellowstone hat

You can’t go wrong with a classic cap, and this Yellowstone hat is a perfect addition to any fan’s wardrobe. It’s simple, will go with just about anything, and is a wonderful way to hide any bad hair days that may arise. It also completes that look⏤you know the one. It’ll pair well with some of the other gift options we’ve recommended on this list. This may not be the classic cowboy hat that the characters wear in the series, but it’s a Dutton Ranch cap nonetheless and is probably a little easier to pair with your everyday look.

Yellowstone “You Can’t Reason With Evil” blanket

If you’re anything like us, then you love to curl up with a good book or binge at the end of a long day. For fans of Yellowstone, a themed blanket is a perfect addition to any relaxing evening. This one states the year Dutton Ranch was established and also carries a quote that sums up the show. You really can’t reason with evil. There are also blankets with everyone’s favorite character on them, other quotes, and the Yellowstone logo.

Rip & Beth tumbler

One aspect of the series many fans enjoy is the relationship between Beth and Rip. If you’re new to the series, you know that Beth keeps people at a safe distance, never letting anyone get too close. Rip loves her regardless. The walls she puts up, he’s ready to knock down, and the ways she tries to warn him off, he simply shrugs off. Rip loves Beth, and as the show progresses, she opens up to the honesty and vulnerability he shows her. It’s hard not to root for them, and this tumbler is an excellent gift for a Yellowstone fan. There are several other designs, including a Yellowstone logo and some great quotes from the series.

Yellowstone long-sleeve shirt

The classic Yellowstone long-sleeve shirt is a great option for any fan of the series. It’s a subtle design, so it’s not too over-the-top for fans who don’t want their wardrobe to scream Yellowstone. The rust-colored font on the black background is striking, and it’s undoubtedly a shirt you can dress up or keep casual. You could pair it with a sweater and some statement jewelry or put it on with jeans and boots. No matter what, it’ll let everyone know that you love the series.

“I Heart Kayce Dutton” pull-over

While many Yellowstone fans fawn over Rip, Kayce is quite a heartthrob, too. He’s a man of his word, someone who will do anything to protect a loved one, and the kind of guy who lives under the stars to bring his family back to a sense of peace. You’ve got to catch up on the series to understand that reference, but if you know, you know. Kayce is the dream guy, and if you’re a fan of him or someone you know has heart eyes for him, then. this is a must-have for Christmas. There’s also a T-shirt option for fans who want something they can wear under a flannel or jacket and still show off their love for Kayce.

Yellowstone belt buckle

There are several times in the series where belt buckles steal the show, moments where a tug of the jeans or a scene showcasing someone walking or nearing a horse focuses in on that shiny piece of hardware. It’s a status symbol, it’s something earned, not given⏤something people have lost a lot to try to achieve. Belt buckles are a big deal on the ranch, and it’s sure to be a big deal for anyone who gets their own Dutton Ranch buckle for Christmas this year.

“Don’t Make Me Send Rip” shirt

One thing fans of Yellowstone have learned is that if Rip has to be sent to a situation, it’s not going to be good for the other party involved. Rip is dedicated and loyal to the Duttons⏤especially John⏤and he’s not letting anyone or anything hurt the family he became a part of. Rip is the guy who gets the job done, the one you want on your side in a fight, and still the lover at the end of the day. He’s the guy that people either want to be like or want to love, so this gift will undoubtedly please any fan of the series.

Do you have any of the above items on your gift wish list this year? Plan on giving any to your friends or loved ones? Let’s talk about it.

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