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Things Get Awkward Between Jason And Dick In First Titans Clip

The first clip from DC Universe's Titans TV show has landed online and it sees Jason Todd and Dick Grayson having an awkward encounter.

While Warner’s Worlds of DC franchise is still reeling from the loss of Henry Cavill, over on the small screen, the Powers That Be are getting ready for the premiere of Titans, the dark and stylish superhero drama hailing from the DC Universe streaming service.

Featuring Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) as the undisputed lead, Titans is scheduled to make its debut on October 12th – almost four weeks after the DC Universe service boots online – and while it may feel like too long to wait, a brief new clip has debuted in celebration of Batman Day which should help tide you over. Unlike the dark, gritty and mature trailer that dropped back at Comic-Con, the footage here is a bit more light-hearted, teasing some of the humor that arises from the relationship between Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.

From what we can tell, it seems that Dick won’t be too impressed with his replacement and as you can see, he looks to be pretty confused by Bats’ choice of new sidekick. And don’t even get us started on his reaction to when he finds out that Bruce lets Jason drive the Batmobile.

Of course, seeing as we have two Robins running around, that begs the question of whether or not the Dark Knight himself could make an appearance. If he does show up, he might have some strong words for his former protege, after that aforementioned Comic-Con trailer kicked off with Grayson stating, “F*ck, Batman!” Sure, Mr. Wayne is no saint, but we don’t think he’d tolerate the violence or the potty-mouth.

Seeing as Todd’s usually the edgier Robin in the comics, it’ll also be interesting to watch how Titans will make him even more extreme than Grayson appears to be. Maybe they’ll switch it up and have Todd be the more wholesome one? We’ll have to wait and see.

Titans touches down on the DC Universe streaming service on October 12th – giving you just enough time to binge through the opening installments of The Walking Dead and Doctor Who‘s respective premieres, both of which are due to hit the airwaves on Sunday, October 7th.

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