The Thirteenth Doctor Has (Kind Of) Already Met The Daleks


Jodie Whittaker, the latest actor to take on the role of the Doctor in Doctor Whohasn’t even filmed her first episode yet, but she’s already met her new greatest enemies, the Daleks. Albeit, four years ago on the BAFTA red carpet.

Kudos to Radio Times for unearthing this video interview from the 2013 awards ceremony. It sees Whittaker chatting about crime drama Broadchurch with her co-star Andrew Buchan. It just so happens that the Daleks have invaded the red carpet at the same time. One even comes perilously close to the actress. Maybe he was sent from the future to exterminate the Thirteenth Doctor before she takes on the role?

Thankfully, the Dalek must have lost its bottle at the last minute as it ends up just gliding on past her. Demonstrating the kind of cool head she’ll need when facing the metal pepperpots as the Time Lord, Whittaker doesn’t even turn around when the creature is standing right behind her – though she does admit to being “starstruck” by it.

So, does this count as the first time the Thirteenth Doctor has battled the Daleks? Can we glean anything here about how Whittaker’s version will handle her arch-nemeses in the show? Will the Doctor now beat the Daleks by just turning away from them and not even paying them any attention? Hey, that might actually work!

As well as technically meeting the Daleks, Jodie Whittaker might have already filmed her first scene as the Doctor. The director of the upcoming Christmas special, Rachel Talalay, was recently revealed to be helming her debut appearance, so we know we’ll at least see a bit of Whittaker in action this year before she arrives properly for Doctor Who season 11 in 2018.

Source: Radio Times

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