This Argentinian Teen Comedy Is In The Top 10 Shows On Disney+

It’s no secret that the Disney Channel has been the home to countless hit teen comedy shows over the years. From newer shows like Dog with a Blog and Jessie to classics like That’s So Raven and Lizzie McGuire, they’ve kept bringing on the hits throughout the years.

Thanks to Disney+, it’s become easier than ever for fans to go back and watch some of their favorite shows from their childhood and even share them with younger audiences today. One such show that has suddenly gained a resurgence in popularity is Soy Luna known as I’m Luna in English-speaking markets.

The show was originally produced by Disney Channel Latin America but was eventually dubbed for other audiences due to its critical success, winning several Kids’ Choice Awards.

“Luna leads a happy life in Mexico where she enjoys skating. Her life change overnight when a wealthy woman offers Luna’s parents a job in Argentina and also to pay an elite school for Luna. Luna and her family moves to Argentina. She should start a new life, makes new friends, but soon she discovers the Jam & Roller, a rollerskating club, where she can not only prove her talent on wheels, but also on the stage singing. And that’s not all, Luna is adopted and her parents have never kept her adoption a secret. However, Luna is suddenly overtaken by her past after moving to Argentina.”

Synopsis From Google

The show’s recent resurgence in popularity may be due to the Disney+ exclusively released documentary special Soy Luna: El último concierto (Soy Luna: The Last Concert) which came out on February 26, 2021. Whatever reason it’s possible, the show is outdoing many counterparts that Disney has produced over the years and that makes it worth checking out.