‘This Is Us’ star Sterling K. Brown announces partnership with cancer initiative Survivorship Today

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Sterling K. Brown joined Twitch on Ellen today to share more about the series finale of This Is Us. The emotional drama coming to an end is a significant milestone in his life.

While sharing more about the emotions and the beautiful journey of This Is Us, he also talked about a cause close to his heart. Survivorship Today is an initiative he’s partnered with that helps cancer survivors.

“Survivorship Today is a program that we’re working with — in conjunction with Bristol Myers Squibb, and it is about people living long term with cancer. You can go to survivorshiptoday.com and check out the website. It is a series of conversations with long-term cancer survivors.”

Weeks ago, Brown posted an Instagram video talking more about the cause, noting that even when people survive a cancer diagnosis, their lives are forever changed. Cancer isn’t something that happens once or even for a window of time; it affects everything and changes life longterm.

Survivorship Today gives those survivors a place to exist and share their stories, learn from others, and help those in their lives, from caregivers, to family and friends. It’s a beautiful cause — something genuinely enlightening.

Brown went on to share more about why the cause is so important to him.

“In 2004 I had an uncle, my mom’s younger brother, Uncle Sonny, who passed away almost six months to the day of his diagnosis. Cancer is something that most of us, if we haven’t dealt with it ourselves, know somebody who has and can be a very impactful thing. I found it to be transformational in terms of the can-do spirit of the survivors because it starts with believing that you can and until that you can make it through and that this too shall pass. There’s an attitude of gratitude.”

You can find out more about Survivorship Today via their website, and see Brown in the final episodes of This Is Us airing Tuesday nights on NBC.

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