This Moving Lego Water Bending Scene Is Leaving Avatar Fans In Awe

It’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t like legos and it’s just as hard to find people who don’t enjoy Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was a major hit when it returned to Netflix during the COVID-19 pandemic and when Legend of Korra joined it a whole new wave of fans for the franchise were born.

Now with the live-action action remake on the way, it looks like one Avatar fan took it to a whole new level. Zoot Suit Productions worked to create a mechanic moving lego scene that shows a water bender in action. In fact, they also showed how the build was made and works as well. You can see the video below!

Of course, it was a major hit with other fans who saw it. Many were left in awe of the impressive lego building skills on display.

However, those fans found on Reddit missed out Zoot Suit Production’s full video that shows fire, wind, water, and air bending all in one place! Any Avatar: The Last Airbender fans that want to see the full level of their brilliance can view it below.