Thor Actor Colm Feore Recruited For House Of Cards Season 4


House of Cards season 4 may still be a ways away yet, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited about welcoming the Underwoods back to Netflix for another season of tense political exchanges and heart-wrenching drama. With Frank and Claire’s marriage left in tatters after the finale of season 3, there will be plenty of issues to keep the power couple busy in the series’ next outing, and one of those could be arriving by way of Thor actor Colm Feore.

Deadline confirmed the new recruit only yesterday, stating that Feore is on board to play a high-profile character in the critically-acclaimed TV drama. Could he act as the next major political opponent for Frank and Claire to handle? Throughout the course of its prestigious run, House of Cards has dealt up a host of memorable antagonists – a roster that absolutely includes Francis J. Underwood, too.

Regardless, the current President of the United States has butt heads with numerous power players, and Feore could be the latest in line to shake things up for the Underwoods. It’s not as though Frank and Claire have been left wanting for adversaries, and there’s also the small matter of a flailing marriage to attend to, but season 4 could very well bring about a tipping point for the power couple in one way or another.

Across its first two outings, House of Cards merely teased the bubbling tension between Frank and Claire, before blowing the lid off in the most recent season – including a spine-chilling and heated exchange aboard Air Force One. With season 4 looming on the horizon, the pair’s relationship seems to be careering in a single direction.

House of Cards season 4 will welcome the Underwoods back to Netflix for better or worse in early 2016.

Source: Deadline