Tiger’s Blood Lands Charlie Sheen A New Role

Not a full year after Charlie Sheen completely flaked out and tossed his overly inflated sitcom pay out the window, he has landed a new role in a sitcom. His last show, Two and a Half Men, was wildly successful and provided Sheen the opportunity to become the highest paid TV actor in history. After his moral collapse where he began sputtering sentence fragments about Adonis DNA and tiger’s blood for our entertainment, his character will be killed and replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

Sheen’s new venture will be in a TV rendition of Anger Management.  The sitcom is supposed to be loosely based on the film of the same name that starred Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. The show is about a passive man that is ordered to attend group anger management. The group sessions are led by a therapist that is a bit off center and could use some anger management himself. As of yet, there is no co-star for the show, but Sheen will be playing the role of the therapist.

The show is being put together by Lionsgate TV and movie producer Joe Roth. Roth has worked with Sheen in the past and is taking the chance on him not imploding like he did at his last job. It’s a pretty big chance he is taking too, but Roth knows how to handle Sheen well enough by now that it should work out. The show has a 10 episode starter contract and can be followed by a 90 episode contract if the show gathers enough steam in the first 10.

Although I did enjoy the film version of Anger Management, something tells me I won’t be watching the sitcom.  I don’t recall too many movies successfully becoming a TV series, especially one with such a controversial actor.  While Sheen has been in a lot of movies that I’ve seen, he has never been the reason I went to see a film.  That being said, I’m sure the show will do well simply because a lot of people became sudden fans of Sheen when he went nuts. I’d like to say he won’t fail again, but he has a horrible track record and each topple is more outrageous than the last.

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