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TikToker Breaks Down In Tears After Logan Paul Refuses To Give Him A Job

It wasn't meant to be.

Logan Paul

Every upcoming influencer wants to be a part of the Paul crew. Whether it’s Logan or Jake, it’s undeniable they’re at the pinnacle of social media stars who have transitioned into the mainstream spotlight. One aspiring TikToker decided to shoot his shot and ask for a job working for Logan, however, it didn’t go as planned.

TikTokker Aj_Wallace69 shared a clip to his TikTok of him confronting Logan asking for any opportunity to work with him, however, despite his begging there wasn’t a chance for him to join the team. This seemingly upset the creator who in the video can be seen with tears streaming down his face.


Well here’s the end result with Jake’s brother Idk what to do at this point.

♬ original sound – Austin Wallace

Wallace claims to have left a $100,000 a year job to pursue a career alongside Paul. He said to the influencer turned prizefighter that he was after a mentor to which Logan explained he couldn’t help out.

“I can’t be a mentor right now, alright?” Paul said. “I’m a fucked-up myself. I need a mentor. I didn’t have connections or people around me. I had Jake. I had a brother.”

The clip quickly went viral even heeding a response from the younger brother Jake Paul himself who mocked Wallace for his somber antics.

Taking his time in the spotlight, Wallace uploaded a vlog that gave viewers a little insight into his past, claiming that he came from little and was determined to make it as a content creator in LA.


Go check out my first ever vlog link is here 👉🏻https://youtu.be/g2nLPVa25QA and it’s in my bio for my channel.

♬ original sound – Austin Wallace

Things didn’t work out for Wallace this time in what appeared as a desperate attempt to join the Paul squad, however, with his newfound viewership, perhaps he can spin this into a positive and begin working towards achieving his goal.

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