New Photo Gives Us Our Best Look Yet At Titans’ Batman


Now that Titans‘ action-packed season finale has come and gone, I think we’ve all had time to come down after witnessing what it’d be like for Batman to go completely berserk. It may have been a fantasy concocted by Trigon, sure, but that didn’t take away from how I was on the edge of my seat nearly the entire time – and perhaps you were, too.

Similar to how the internet is now being lit ablaze by stills from “Dick Grayson” showing the debut of Krypto, folks have also been going over the footage trying to settle on the best looking shot of the Dark Knight. For the most part, he was shrouded in shadow, but someone did recently manage to get a decently bright screenshot of him.

Thanks to “ToastedMelonYT” on Reddit, the image seen below offers a head-on look at the Caped Crusader as he stands over a fallen SWAT team. Granted, we can’t make out all of the details of his suit, but this certainly gives us more to study than previous offerings.

From the look of it, the producers may have borrowed a cowl previously designed for either Batman Returns or Batman Forever, but the rest of the costume is much bulkier and more tactical than the sleek designs worn by Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer.

If I were to hazard a guess, the costuming department probably didn’t see the need to put too much polish on the suit because they knew it wouldn’t be viewed in direct light. Still, they needed to give stuntmen Maxim Savaria and Alain Moussi (yes, both men suited up as Batman for the episode) something believable to rock while kicking ass on Titans, lest they wear something purchased at a popup Halloween store.

Source: Reddit