New Titans BTS Photo Reveals Deathstroke’s Daughter Ravager


In addition to just being hyped in general for yet another season of Titans, I’d have to say that I’m especially looking forward to seeing what this series will do with Deathstroke. Like many of you, I dug what Manu Bennett brought to the character on The CW’s Arrow, but let’s see what happens once Esai Morales’ Slade Wilson is let loose with a TV-MA rating. Oh yes, there will be blood.

If you’ve been keeping up with news pertaining to this series, then you’ve probably seen its version of Deathstroke by now. To me, at least, the costume forces me to recall Tony S. Daniel’s time writing and drawing for the character in the comic book medium – and we all remember how no punches were pulled during that run.

Something also worth mentioning is how the mercenary’s family will be fleshed out in a way altogether different from what Arrow presented. On Titans, it appears as though we’ll get something more in line with the source material, as both Joe and Rose Wilson – or Jericho and Ravager, if you’d prefer – are slated to show up. In fact, a new behind-the-scenes photo of Chelsea T. Zhang as Ravager is making its rounds online, which you can view below.

As you can see, she’s looking similar to her comic book counterpart, right down to the hair color. Not only that, but Rose will also apparently sport a wound mirroring her pops’, thereby letting us know that two formidable foes lacking depth perception are on the way.

For those who’ve also acquainted themselves with Arrow, they should recall meeting a different version of Ravager during that show’s second season. But in that case, it was Isabel Rochev, as played by Summer Glau. If you’d like to learn an interesting bit of trivia, then know Sara Lance was originally going to adopt the Ravager identity when she showed up, before it was decided she’d go by “Canary.” Suffice it to say, I’m geeked to see what Ms. Zhang brings to the table elsewhere.

Titans returns with new episodes on Friday, September 6th on DC Universe.