Does Titans’ Robin Costume Hint At The Arrival Of Nightwing?


In the midst of the information overload we received yesterday regarding the upcoming DC Universe streaming service, we were treated to several new shots showing actor Brenton Thwaites in full Robin regalia. If anything, Titans‘ take on Dick Grayson is easily the most badass live action iteration of the icon we’ve seen to date.

Perhaps it was due to Batman & Robin bombing at the box office in 1997 that forced the Boy Wonder to watch from the sidelines for an obscene number of years, but that’ll change before long. In fact, hints at him graduating to the Nightwing persona may be hidden in plain view.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed folks over at, it’s come to our attention that if you take a close look at the upper chest portion of Robin’s costume (seen below), the cape clips and T-shape separating the chest plates form a noticeable bird-like pattern, complete with material that resembles a head at the top.

Granted, this could be an instance of seriously reaching, but I was easily able to spot what was being talked about once knowing it was there. Maybe the costuming department is playing a game of subtlety, but we can only hope that Dick will don the black and blue come season 2.

Previously, Nightwing had been only teased in the live action realm. In the aforementioned Batman & Robin, Chris O’Donnell actually wore the Nightwing costume – albeit with cape and nipples added. And later in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake had an homage to the symbol on his detective badge.

Still, I’m not ready to bet all my chips on seeing Nightwing take flight in Titans‘ second season due to a possible movie being on the way, but fingers remain crossed regardless.

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