Titans Star Brenton Thwaites May Have Quietly Just Confirmed Season 5


Titans star Brenton Thwaites may have just confirmed that the HBO Max series is getting a fifth season. Season 3 recently wrapped, with a fourth run already confirmed earlier this year. Now, judging from the latest comments made by the Nightwing actor about the show’s future, it looks like Titans is definitely getting at least one more season after that. But will season 5 be its last?

Season 3’s penultimate episode, “Prodigal,” saw Dick Grayson caught between life and death in the Lazarus Pit, receiving visions of his past (i.e. his dead father) and a possible happy future between him and former flame Starfire (Anna Diop). Specifically, the vision saw Dick and Koriand’r with a young daughter. Is this a reality fans can look forward to seeing when Titans continues?

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson/Nightwing in Titans

Thwaites sure seems to think so. When asked this question in an interview with Matt Sheehan, the star said that he didn’t want this scene to be a fake-out like a similar vision of Dick having a daughter with Dove in season 2 turned out to be. He’s confident that Dick and Kory will get back together and considers this vision “a placeholder for what’s to come in seasons 4 and 5.”

That’s right, apparently season 5 is definitely happening. Judging from Thwaites’ wording, season 5 could be the final season of the show, wrapping up Dick’s love life and allowing him to reach some kind of happy, domestic ending. If this is set to happen, then it seems the writers are drawing inspiration from the Kingdom Come comics, which see Dick and Kory have a daughter named Mar’i who grows up to be the superhero Nightstar (see what they did there?).

Titans season 4 is on its way, but for now you can catch all of season 3 on HBO Max.