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Tolkien truthers pleasantly surprised to be won over by ‘The Rings of Power’

Will 'Rings of Power' find redemption after all?

Elrond and Galadriel
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It looks like the initial wave of backlash is ever so slowly subsiding as Middle-earth fans take another look at The Rings of Power and judge it for all of its merits. But will Amazon’s adaptation find salvation at the end of this long road?

The new live-action series — helmed by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay and boasting an ambitious ensemble and an even more mind-bending budget — isn’t a timeless masterpiece by any definition of the word, nor does it hit the ground running with a great opener. But in spite of these shortcomings, The Rings of Power isn’t a complete disaster, as many ardent gatekeepers would have you believe these days.

Fortunately, that hypocritical outlook has finally caught up with the naysayers, with many fans already wondering if the show is as terrible as everyone seems to make it out to be. One person, in particular, felt the need to express their thoughts in an extensive thread on Reddit, which has since spawned a heated debate, though most seem to agree with the OP and their assessment.

The Rings of Power is definitely a slow burner, and as we inch closer to the end of the first season, things might pick up speed just the way audiences are used to these days.

Truly, social media can take the minutest thing and turn it into a catastrophe. Many fans simply can’t bear the current atmosphere, so they prefer to keep their distance from other circles of the fandom.

And besides, it’s not all hate-mongering and negativity.

The Rings of Power will return with its fourth episode on Friday, officially bringing the first season to its halftime.

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