Here’s How Tom Hiddleston Would Look As The DCEU’s Joker


The Arrowverse is about to jumble its heroes up in next month’s “Elseworlds” crossover, which will see Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell swapping roles so that the former gets to play the Green Arrow for one time only while the latter temporarily becomes the Flash. That premise has given fan artist Boss Logic a pretty neat idea for a new series of artwork which shows us what it’d be like if the stars of the MCU and the DC movie universe swapped roles.

Having already switched a bunch of the Avengers and the Justice League, Boss Logic has now given the main antagonists of each franchise the same treatment. In this piece below, the artist has imagined if Tom Hiddleston didn’t play Loki but Batman’s nemesis the Joker instead. We’ve also included the rest of BL’s entries in the series for your viewing pleasure, which he’s labelled with the hashtag #ElseBothWorlds.

Instead of going with Jared Leto-esque character quirks, Boss Logic has given Hiddleston’s Clown Prince of Crime more of a Heath Ledger vibe, with his long green hair, mouth scars and running eye make-up. An original touch, though, is the Hiddle-Joker’s creepy cracked skin that makes him look almost inhuman. Oh, and that’s also a neat joke written on the wall there, referencing the famous “we have a Hulk” line from The Avengers. 

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that the man who brings the God of Mischief to life has been linked with DC’s foremost foe. When Warner Bros. were on the hunt for the lead of their Joker origins movie, fans pitched the British actor as a top contender for the role, though it obviously ended up going to Joaquin Phoenix. Still, fan art was made at the time, hyping up the star’s possible turn as the supervillain and we must say, we certainly wouldn’t be against seeing it happen.

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