Tom Hiddleston Says Loki Will Explain The Trickster’s Horns


Besides looking cool, there’s also a logical explanation for why superheroes and supervillains dress the way that they do. Batman is a man with a fear of bats, so it was only natural he’d leverage that to instil terror in the criminal underworld of Gotham City, especially when he’s just a rich guy with a suit of armor and a grudge at the end of the day.

Iron Man is also a wealthy chap with his own exoskeleton, Captain America’s duds reflect his star-spangled patriotism, Falcon would be just be a normal man without his trusty wings, Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation is a key part of being the Sorcerer Supreme, and the list goes on and on. However, despite being a recurring feature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a decade, no real explanation has been given as to why Tom Hiddleston’s Loki occasionally sports his comic-accurate gilded horns.

It’s something the actor has clearly noticed, though, after he confirmed in a recent interview to promote the impending release of his solo Disney Plus series that we’ll finally discover the reasons why the God of Mischief is so keen to retain his extravagant headgear, despite the fact that it doesn’t appear to serve any sort of real purpose.

“People wanted to know about the horns. I do remember that. There was a question of when does Loki wear the horns? Why does he wear them? Is it a ceremonial thing or are they somehow an extension of some emotional intention? Is he particularly malevolent at those times? It was kind of interesting to be asked these questions from outside, I guess, from outside this experience. All will become clear in time.”

As long as it doesn’t go down the Solo: A Star Wars Story route, which gave Han’s dice their own extended backstory that nobody was clamoring to see told, it should be interesting to discover why Loki has retained his Asgardian appendages throughout his eons of existence, even if they’ve never proved to be particularly useful from a tactical perspective. Not to mention that it’s probably a nightmare trying to get in an elevator as well.