Top 10 Episodes Of Spongebob Squarepants


When Spongebob Squarepants premiered on Nickelodeon in 1999, the world knew little about the always-optimistic, yet naive, sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea with his pet snail Gary, neighbors Squidward Tentacles and Patrick Star and money-hungry boss Mr. Krabs. With nostalgia at an all time high thanks to TeenNick’s The 90s Are All That, it’s time to take a closer look at the last remaining Nickelodeon cartoon to begin in the 90s and still be making new episodes in 2011, Spongebob Squarepants.

Creator Stephen Hillenburg truly started a phenomenon with Spongebob, voiced by comedian Tom Kenny. The idea that any man, woman or child in America today may never have seen an episode of Spongebob Squarepants seems impossible, in a world where Spongebob and his sea creature friends are everywhere.

Simply put – Spongebob is like the Mickey Mouse of our generation, and I consider myself to be a studier of Spongebob. A Spongebob Squarepants Scholar, if you will. I have considered my options, weighed them deeply and determined the ten episodes of Spongebob Squarepants that I consider to be the best of the series.

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  1. Madisays:

    no episodes missing at all! as the website states, you got this covered! boom!

  2. Kaitlyn Rsays:

    um, this is so accurate. and good. nice job emily 🙂

  3. Mikemail40says:

    Only one missing is Mermaid Man & Barnacle boy 4. “Does this mean we’re not getting pizza?”

  4. DudeGuyMansays:

    Where’s ripped pants man? it’s at least in my top 5.

  5. WoldowJRsays:

    You missed “The Camping Episode,” I think it should be #1, but I’ll settle for #3. Absolutely the best season 3 episode, by far.

    My list:
    1: the camping episode
    2: Pizza Delivery
    3: Band Geeks
    4: Chocolate with nuts
    5: SB129

    1. nlksays:


    2. nine_plus_zensays:

      Now those are some good episodes.

  6. ryansays:

    the one where squidward travels through time!

  7. Zachsays:

    Trapped in the tree-dome episode should be on there, in my opinion. Good job, though!

  8. Mikesays:

    Band Geeks will always be my favorite.

  9. treysays:

    can you make a worst list?

  10. treysays:

    can you make a worst list?

  11. Darin Chansays:

    The Krusty Krab Training Video was the best. It had the most original storyline and Quest for the Best. 😀

  12. Wyattsays:

    What about F.U.N.? that should be on here somewhere, and also the one where they go in the treehouse and get lost, and maybe one of the mermaidman and barnacle boy episodes, and Ripped Pants, but i guess this list isnt big enough.

  13. shanesays:

    best episode is spongebob on tour. none of them are top 10
    old episodes are the worst. best epsisodes:
    10. truth or square
    9. movie
    8. chum frekazine
    7. are you happy now?
    6. roller cowards
    5. i forgot
    4. i forgot
    3. demolition doofus
    2. smooth jazz in bikini bottom
    1. spongebob on tour

    1. Wyattsays:

      your an idiot the old ones are the best! most of the new ones are stupid

    2. Davidsays:

      That post gave me cancer.

    3. squidward loverssays:

      I was shocked. Some are good but can’t be compared with the old one.

  14. FreakyFreddy1992says:

    Where’s Sailor Mouth?

  15. Cyrussays:

    The training ep or the fun one should replace valtines day one

  16. xavier steedsays:

    Egress doodle bob

  17. brooksb7says:

    The real top 10:

    10. F.U.N.

    9. Opposite Day

    8. Sandy Hibernates

    7. Fry Cook Olympics

    6. Band Geeks

    5. Bullworm

    4. Texas

    3. Ripped Pants

    2. Rock Bottom

    1. Pizza Delivery

    1. nine_plus_zensays:

      I don’t think Ripped Pants should be as high, or even higher than Band Geeks. Texas I think is a little too high; it should be in the Top 45 not the top 5. Bullworm (Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm) was okay, not top 5. Band Geeks is criminally low. The Fry Cook Games is too low. Pre-Hibernation Week is too high. Everything else is fine, but its not really the “real top 10”. I don’t agree, but it’s my opinion.

  18. JUST thought about the “Band Geeks” eppy, etc. =) Wow.

  19. Kikyosays:

    “Can you spare a dime?” Definitely a legendary episode.

  20. Samsays:

    I can’t believe Bubble Buddy and the Magic Conch episodes didn’t even get an honorable mention!

  21. jennsays:

    Fancy living, here we come! La la la la la…

  22. Ryansays:

    I think F.U.N., Sailor Mouth, and Ripped Pants should be on the list instead of Rock Bottom, Valentine’s Day, and Rock Bottom, but your list is good.

  23. Paosays:

    not in particular order but my personal top 10 SBSP episodes!
    Shanghaied | Rock Bottom | Not Normal | Jellyfish Jam | Ripped Pants
    No Weenies Allowed | Squid on Strike | Pizza Delivery | I Had an Accident Chocolate With Nuts and MORE!

    What do you think guys?

    1. nine_plus_zensays:

      Not Normal shouldn’t be up there. That’s kind of a lame Season 4 episode (when the decline began.) Other than that you have some really funny and awesome ones.

  24. Marcsays:

    Yout missed Krusty Towers and also Club SpongeBob!

  25. Bensays:

    Don’t forget the pelvic WOO!

  26. MagcargoMansays:

    I know this article is over three years old, but I feel like commenting anyway.

    I feel Wet Painters is an underrated episode. It has brilliant jokes and gags, and is funny from beginning to end. The Fry Cook Games is also great for for over-the-top it is, even by SpongeBob standards.

  27. yes!

  28. How is Rock Bottom number 5? The best one up there is Graveyard Shift XD But Band geeks is a really good one too.

  29. Sean Motasays:

    what about F.U.N?

  30. David McEwensays:

    I don’t think Valentines day should be on this list as I saw it as one of the weaker episodes from the golden years of Spongebob. In all honesty though, those first 3 seasons had no bad episodes which makes it extremely difficult to ever have an agreement on a top 10. A few quality episodes that could be argued for are: Sailor Mouth, Hibernation week, Help wanted, Hall monitor, Nature pants, Squidward the unfriendly ghost, Employee of the month (basically the whole first season), survival of the idiots (which I’m surprised didn’t make it), Shanghaied (probably one of the funniest in the whole series), The frycook games, and so on.

    The quality of the first 3 seasons is honestly just amazing and I have never seen another cartoon let alone show that’s been able to replicate that quality.

    1. Fatbamasays:

      The drop in quality after S3 is appalling.

  31. Fatbamasays:

    1. Sailor Mouth
    2. Rock Bottom
    3. F.U.N.
    4. The Camping Episode
    5. Something Smells
    6. Band Geeks
    7. Club Spongebob
    8. Pizza Delivery
    9. Chocolate With Nuts
    10. Dying For Pie
    Honorable mentions: Shanghaied, Fry Cook Games

  32. parmejeannsays:

    I love the one where Spongebob falls in love with the patty.

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