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The best ‘Rick and Morty’ characters, ranked

"Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!"

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Rick and Morty is an animated series on Adult Swim that follows the misadventures of Rick, an alcoholic genius, and Morty, an anxious, simpleminded 14-year-old boy. Together, they explore the universe, causing mayhem and chaos wherever they go.

It’s a perfect mixture of offensive comedy, sci-fi, and emotion. It’s the ideal show for jaded, existential people as the writing is creative and refreshing, and there’s a merging of witty humor, slapstick comedy, and action. It’s a cheeky show that often successfully parodies different movies and topics while also slyly sneaking in cultural references.

In addition to the absurd plot, there are plenty of ridiculous characters, such as a Freddy Kreuger parody, a bizarre character named Mr. Poopybutthole, and a pickle. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 Rick and Morty characters.

10. Mr. Meeseeks

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Mr. Meeseeks first appears in the episode “Meeseeks and Destroy” (S1: E5). He’s a blue humanoid figure and summoned by activating the Meeseeks Box, a device that generates a Meeseeks whose primary goal is to solve the user’s problem. After the Meeseeks solves the problem, he disappears into thin air.

Mr. Meeseeks is a creature who serves a singular purpose. Existing is painful for a Meeseeks, which is their motivation to solve their assigned task. If the undertaking is out of their capabilities, like Jerry’s subpar golfing skills in the episode “Meeseeks and Destroy,” they will not be able to cease to exist. The longer they stay alive, the more insane they become. Due to their long, torturous existence, they go from a cheerful, accommodating demeanor to a manic attitude and mental state. And since they can’t be eliminated by physical damage, the cycle of violence continues unless the box’s user’s issue is resolved or that person dies.

9. Unity

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In “Auto Erotic Assimilation” (S2: E3), Rick, Morty, and Summer follow a distress beacon from an abandoned ship and find Unity. Rick tells Morty and Summer that Unity is a hivemind that assimilates others by using one of its hosts to vomit in another individual’s mouth. He also reveals that Unity is his former lover.

In the episode, they prove to be an unorthodox couple. Rick often makes cheeky, ridiculous demands such as filling a stadium with redheads and men who look similar to his father, then having an orgy– with the redheads, that is.

Although Rick and Unity get back together for the duration of the episode, Unity tells Rick with regret that they can’t be together as he brings out her worst qualities. She’s arguably the most significant love of Rick’s and is the reason he attempted suicide once.

8. Scary Terry

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“Welcome to your nightmare, bitch!” This is the catchphrase of Scary Terry, a character based on Freddy Kreuger, or as Rick describes him, “a legally-safe knockoff of an ’80s horror character with miniature swords for fingers instead of knives.” He appears as the secondary antagonist in the episode “Lawnmower Dog” (S1: E2). Initially, he seems like a bloodthirsty monster with a fedora but later turns out to be misunderstood. 

Rick and Morty find that he’s self-conscious about how scary he is and puts a lot of pressure on himself. After a failed attempt at killing Rick and Morty, Scary Terry retreats home to his wife, Melissa, and his son, Scary Brandon. However, while asleep, Rick and Morty incept his dreams and befriend him. At the end of the episode, he’s seen smoking a joint with Rick as they vibe in the dream world.

7. Water-T

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This character’s story begins at the dawn of time in the faraway realm of Alphabetrium. Ice-T is known as a famous rapper on Earth, but he’s actually Water-T, an ageless wandering alien who was excommunicated from his planet and spends his time drifting from world to world. He appears in the episode “Get Schwifty” (S2: E5) and is modeled after the famous rapper Ice-T. 

During the episode, a Cromulon falls to Earth, and Ice-T is the sole survivor of a catastrophe at the Grammys, which killed all the best artists on the planet. After he exposes his true self to Rick and explains that he’s an ancient alien, he also reveals that he was exiled from his homeworld due to his intense apathy toward everything. Luckily, he eventually learns to care again and saves Earth. He returns to Alphabetrium, where word of his sacrifice spread, and he’s accepted back to his old planet and turned from Ice-T to Water-T, his true form.

6. Mr. Poopybutthole

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Mr. Poopybutthole is a recurring character and made his first appearance in the episode “Total Rickall” (S2: E4). He’s a cartoonish, zany character who spews funny catchphrases and is a long-time family friend of the Smith family. He came from a different dimension and is a planet-wide superstar who has taken refuge with the Smiths so he can live a normal life.

Mr. Poopybutthole has accompanied Rick and Morty on multiple adventures. In the episode “Total Rickall,” he’s accidentally shot by Beth, leaving him permanently injured. He is also seen breaking the fourth wall as he appears at the conclusion of several episodes recapping the viewers and foreshadowing the next season.

5. Pickle Rick

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Pickle Rick is a version of Rick Sanchez that appears in “Pickle Rick” (S3: E3). In the episode, Rick turns himself into a pickle to get out of family therapy. However, he realizes his error when he is propelled into the sewer and must battle for his life. To do this, he dons cockroach limbs to move around and later a rat suit that allows him to be agile and athletic.

Unfortunately, Pickle Rick can’t turn back into a human without an Anti-Pickle Serum, which his daughter, Beth, has taken to family therapy with her. This version of Rick embodies one of his more unpleasant traits in which he cares more about himself than his family.

4. Evil Morty

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Also known as “Eye Patch Morty”, Evil Morty serves as the main antagonist in the episodes “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” “The Ricklantis Mixup,” and “Rickmurai Jack.” He is part of the only story arc that shows continuity throughout multiple episodes.

Evil Morty is one of the many versions of Morty from across the universe. However, he doesn’t exhibit the traits of a regular Morty as he’s sadistic, cunning, and highly intelligent. He shows no hesitation in killing Ricks and Mortys alike.

He served as the first Morty to be democratically elected President of the Citadel, the society of Ricks and Mortys. However, he became a tyrannical dictator before fabricating an escape from the Central Finite Curve to get away from Rick. His current whereabouts are unknown.

3. Summer Smith

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One of the secondary protagonists in Rick and Morty, Summer Smith is the older sister and granddaughter of Morty and Rick respectively. She exhibits the personality traits of a typical American teenager as she wishes to be popular among her peers and is often self-conscious. She also often feels ignored by her grandfather, and Rick does try to keep her at a distance. However, they have gone on individual adventures together, and she enjoys fighting alongside Rick.

As the series has progressed, Summer has become more integral to Rick and Morty’s adventures. Although she is often seen squabbling with Morty for their grandfather’s attention, she and Morty share a unique bond. She’s more like Rick than Morty is as she is shown to be intelligent and quick-witted but also possesses sociopathic and narcissistic personality traits like her grandfather.

2. Mortimer “Morty” Smith, Sr.

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Morty Smith is one of the two titular main protagonists of Rick and Morty. He’s around 14 years old and is a good-hearted but impressionable young man. He’s also easily manipulated as he often gets forced into misadventures led by his eccentric grandfather Rick. Despite his lack of intelligence, he follows directions well, making him a perfect sidekick. 

Although he sometimes acts spineless, he has shown bravery in the face of adversity. He is also more capable than people believe as he’s quick-witted and able to understand complex topics such as the multiverse. 

At the beginning of the series, Morty is shown to be an incredibly anxious teen. However, as the series goes on, he has grown more confident and independent from Rick. And just like Rick C-137 is said to be the “Rickest Rick,” Morty C-137 is deemed the “Morty-est Morty.”

1. Rick Sanchez

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Also known as Rick C-137, Rick Sanchez is one of the main protagonists and is often considered the show’s anti-hero. Many view him as the most brilliant man in the universe, and he has called himself a god due to his unstoppable nature (if a god can be a 70-year-old megagenius with an alcohol dependency). He’s an alcoholic and engages in self-destructive, careless, nihilistic behavior. His behavior is the primary concern of his daughter’s family, especially regarding his influence on young Morty.

Upon the series’ inception, his mental health was questioned due to the heinous acts that made him appear a deranged antagonist. Over time, his backstory has been explained, such as how his wife and daughter died, causing him to go to a different dimension where his daughter, Beth, is still alive. This shows that he’s not completely heartless, despite what he wants people to believe.

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