First Look At Toyman In Photos From Supergirl Season 1, Episode 10


When Jeremy Jordan was cast as Winn in Supergirl, the prevailing theory was that his character would go from ally to enemy as the series offered a fresh take on the origin story of the villainous Toyman. However, it’s become clear since the pilot that the fan-favourite friend of Kara Danvers isn’t going to be taken in that direction, hence why we’ll soon be meeting his father.

The Superman villain is being played by Henry Czern, but exactly how much he’ll have in common with his comic book counterpart remains to be seen, especially as Supergirl‘s version doesn’t look anywhere near as wacky or colourful.


For more information on what to expect, here’s the synopsis of the episode – titled “Childish Things” – courtesy of CBS:

Kara does her best to support Winn when his father, the supervillain Toyman, breaks out of prison and seeks out his son for unknown reasons, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Jan. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Supergirl hasn’t been to everyone’s liking so far, but the series is definitely improving as it goes along, and this looks like it’s going to be a fun episode. The references to the Man of Steel have quite honestly been a little too heavy handed up to this point, so hopefully this one won’t go to over the top with them.

Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see when this instalment of Supergirl airs later this month.

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