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Director Vincenzo Natali “Baffled” By Syfy’s Decision To Pull The Plug On Tremors Series

Per Twitter, writer-director Vincenzo Natali admits that he was left baffled by Syfy's decision to scrap its Tremors TV series.

Though it supposedly “tested great” among its target audience, Syfy’s Tremors series has been swallowed up quicker than a Graboid searching for its next meal.

Yes, as was reported late last week, the network has scrapped plans for its TV spinoff, despite shooting a pilot episode with Kevin Bacon as a much older, yet none the wiser, Valentine McKee a full 28 years after Ron Underwood’s cult classic.

The question now is whether Tremors will be shopped to another network (Netflix, perhaps?) in order to safeguard those flesh-munching Graboids from the depths of development hell. It’s certainly possible, according to Vincenzo Natali, even if he’s still “baffled” by Syfy’s decision.

Asked about the possible future of his Tremors TV series, Natali, the project’s writer and director, responded as so:

I suppose it’s possible. People loved it and it tested great. I am baffled by this decision.

Soon after Syfy’s cancellation, Bacon himself took to Instagram to empathize with those fans left heartbroken by the decision, saying:

Sad to report that my dream of revisiting the world of Perfection will not become a reality. Although we made a fantastic pilot (IMHO) the network has decided not to move forward. Thanks to our killer cast and everyone behind the scenes who worked so hard. And always keep one eye out for GRABOIDS!

It seems that planned Tremors TV series wasn’t to be, leaving the fate of Valentine McKee and his posse of Graboid-hunters up in the air. But this is by no means the last hurrah for those beastly worm monsters, as A Cold Day in Hell is available on both Blu-ray and DVD from today, May 1st (order here).

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