Is Trey Parker And Matt Stone’s New Musical Anti-Mormon?

So just when you think the Trey Parker/Matt Stone duo (responsible for South Park) has offended all susceptible demographics, out comes news of an upcoming “The Book of Mormon” Broadway musical. According to The Hollywood Reporter, creators Parker, Stone and Robert Lopez say that this musical is not meant to just be “cynical and Mormon-bashing, but hopeful and happy.” Hmmmm….

The Mormons have already received some abuse at the hands of these satirical masters (or should I say monsters). Some of us may remember the 90s comedy flick Orgazmo, about a Mormon missionary forced into the porn industry to raise money for his wedding. And then there are the multiple South Park episodes that take aim at Mormons and the Mormon faith. Of course, South Park makes fun of about every religion, creed, culture and group out there. Sometimes, their satire is biting and witty. Sometimes they miss the mark and it’s just low-brow, callow and vulgar.

So why the concentration on the Mormons above other more satire-worthy groups? Why not a Scientology musical, or a Neo-Nazi musical? Maybe Parker was jilted by a cute Mormon girl when he was young, or perhaps they’ve met some of the too-nice Mormons out there. Whatever the reasons, it has spawned not just a movie and numerous episodes of South Park, but now a Broadway musical. According to the duo (trio now with co-creator Lopez), they are drawn to the Mormon religion out of curiosity. The musical tells the story of two Mormon missionaries in Uganda, questioning their faith after faced with dire conditions.

Parker said that facing possible backlash after the release of a musical dealing with religious subject matter doesn’t scare him or creative partner of 20-years Stone. Instead of being scared, “they’re just reckless.”

“The Book of Mormon” opens at the Eugene O’Neill Theater on March 24.