True Blood Review: “Dead Meat” (Season 6, Episode 8)

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It really seems like Dead Meat would have been a better title for last week’s episode after the gruesome demise of Nora. But maybe it’s more fitting for Eric now, since his reaction to her death has been less than pleasant. I’d wager that her death is much more important than Terry’s unceremonious exit, but only because it affects Eric in a way that’s going to change how this season of True Blood will turn out.

Needless to say, Bill handled Nora’s death awfully and immediately tried to call in his favor from Eric while Nora’s goo was still gooey. More than pissed, Eric takes off and decides to find Warlow on his own. For some reason, Bill gives up his whereabouts, and Eric makes it his mission to find him. Since he’s a bit low on faerie blood, he gets lucky enough to stumble upon Adilyn hanging out in the graveyard that Warlow is tied up in. After taking his fill from her, he proceeds to absolutely wreck Warlow. We’ll have to wait until next week to figure out if he’s still alive and kicking or not, though.

Bill is still hellbent on saving the vampires in the camp who are soon to meet the sun. He pleads with Sookie to bring him Warlow, which is a decision she can’t make lightly. Her vampire faerie prince has asked her to become his vampire faerie princess (ugh) and live eternally with him. Warlow made it clear that he won’t help Bill unless he can finally have his bride-to-be, meaning that there is a lot on the line for Sookie. Finally, Sookie has become important this season, and it only took eight episodes to get her there.

Her indecision leads her to talk to a few old friends as she try to make a choice. This includes Sam, whom she finally confesses her love to just a few seasons too late. She also swings by her family’s gravestones and swears them off (literally) for trying to kill her and constantly lying to her. She finally does decide to help Bill, meaning that maybe she’s come to terms with living eternally with a stranger she just met a few days ago. Seriously, let’s not forget that. This season takes place within a few days, and about a week ago, Warlow was a stranger she found on the side of the road. No wonder nobody has any sympathy for Sookie.

It’s funny that Sookie gets so angry with Bill for not really caring whether she becomes a vampire or not, because Sookie is probably the most soulless character on True Blood. She’s known how Sam has felt for a long time, and just now decides to let him know she always felt the same. Good on her for breaking the poor shifter’s heart. Sam himself put the hurt best: “You have always known how I felt about you, but you never cared. You kept me waiting in the wings because there was always a more dangerous guy in the picture.” Yup, poor little danger whore.

Enough hate on Sookie though. Literally everybody on True Blood is flawed, including poor Sam himself. After returning to Bon Temps for Terry’s funeral, he finds Alcide waiting for him with Nicole and her mother after he saved them from his pack, which he no longer runs apparently. However, Nicole is now pregnant, meaning she either needs to die or she’s going to be a permanent character in the near future. I would rather have Tara back to her normal, whiny self than put up with Nicole for another season. Her story was done when she drove away, we really don’t need more of her as we close on the end of this season.

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