True Blood Review: “Don’t You Feel Me?” (Season 6, Episode 6)

true blood

In case you couldn’t tell by now, True Blood is a silly show. It’s full of quirks, filler plots, bad special effects and cheesy acting. Truth be told though, all of these missteps make the show what it’s become, and based on the success it’s been seeing (a seventh season was just confirmed last week), I’m not the only fan who thinks so. Don’t You Feel Me? is full to bursting with all of these trademark flaws, but the fact that True Blood can keep the momentum going means that it is still a blast to watch.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first, then. Jackson calls Alcide about finding Sam at the motel, but Sam and his entourage leave before they can trap them. Nicole begs Sam to give Emma back to her grandmother so she could have a solid family rather than spending her life on the run, and Sam agrees on the condition that Martha keeps her away from the pack. Tears are shed, hugs are given, Alcide shows up to tell Sam to leave and never come back, and Sam’s story is effectively finished for the season. Except for Nicole, because he still needs to figure out what to do with her. Hopefully it ends with her untimely death since her character has been nothing but a nuisance.

Terry is still mopey about the war and gives Lafayette the key to his safety deposit box out of the blue. When Arlene finds out, Holly and her come up with the idea to glamour Terry so he stops being such a downer. So he’s glamoured by a friend of Holly’s and the Bellefleur family lives happily ever after. Until the next day, when the friend that Terry hired to kill him does his job. Terry dies in Arlene’s arms, and though the scene was supposed to be touching, it’s just a relief to have one less plot thread to follow each week.

Also, Andy names his remaining daughter with four names so she never forgets her sisters. That’s all he does the whole episode.

Jason’s plan to join the anti-vampire forces in Bon Temps helps him infiltrate the camp in hopes of escaping with Jessica, but his plans are put to a halt when he runs into Sarah Newlin yet again. Unwilling to give each other up, Sarah puts him to the test by making him watch Jessica endure one of the compound’s “copulations studies.” Both vampires refuse to give in, though, and Jason is just that much more pissed off. Now we just need to see him do something about it.

Not done being useless, Sookie is saved by Warlow, who is given temporary release from Bill’s clutches to save her. Corbett is sent out of Lafayette and out of Sookie’s life, but Warlow is called back to Bill, whose call is so strong that Warlow is reduced to vomiting blood. Sookie takes him to the faerie realm to relieve him of the call, where he asks her to tie him up in case he gets hungry. They talk for a bit about things we already know, and then of course they have sex, because it’s Sookie. Right as they’re finishing, though, something odd happens. No, not that. Something else. A magic faerie lights emanates from the two just as they climax.

Wow, it hurt to write that sentence.

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