True Blood Season Review: “Radioactive” (Season 6, Episode 10)

true blood

The season six finale of True Blood felt like a king size candy bar that someone snapped in half. Except one half is made of God, and the other fell in a used toilet. After how fantastic last week’s episode was, I knew it would be difficult to measure up, but the tail end of Radioactive really pulled the season together nicely and actually had me excited for another visit to Bon Temps next summer.

Before the good, though, we have to trudge through the bad, which covers about the first half hour of this finale. The freed vampires aren’t quite as endearing as they were last week, and their daytime partying is just lame, complete with a Top Gun-esque volleyball game full of sexual tension. Bill’s realization that he’s no longer Billith was a nice touch, bringing back whatever humanity he had lost in the transition, even if his personality is still a bit too sullen to make him loveable again.

The Sookie/Warlow storyline finally comes to a conclusion too, but I can’t say it was remotely satisfying or surprising. Who would have seen Warlow getting angry when Sookie asks him to date her rather than get married, which she had promised for his help? Why did she even think that would be an option? Warlow has been reminding her all season that he’s waited 5,500 years for her, and now she thinks she can waste time getting to know him? I was actually looking forward to Sookie being changed into a vampire.

Warlow bows out of True Blood in ridiculous fashion, especially since Niall waited around for this opportunity. He just pops out of the other dimension right where he’s needed, when he’s needed, with the necessary strength to restrain Warlow while Jason stakes him. I’ve followed this show for six years, and even I’m not buying it. It’s a fittingly dull end to a dull plot thread, though.

Eric’s disappearance led to the biggest surprise of the finale. Now that Warlow is dead, vampires can no longer live in the sun. Luckily, everybody in Bon Temps in spared, but it looks like Eric may be meeting his maker soon. Lounging naked in icy Sweden, the last shot we see before the final half of the episode is Eric burning to a crisp. I highly doubt that he’s actually dead, but if it’s true, then kudos to the writers for finally shaking up the game. Eric is a definite fan favorite, and this decision could turn off some viewers, but I’ll be interested to see how it plays out next season.

Now on to the best part of Radioactive, the ending. How do you know it’s going to be better? Because there’s a time jump of six months between the two segments. Time jumps work wonders for True Blood since most of the show takes place within a matter of days, making the episodes feel too claustrophobic at times. These last few minutes serve to set up what looks to be a tremendous seventh season, but we’ll have to wait to see.

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