True Blood Review: “At Last” (Season 6, Episode 4)

true blood

This week’s episode of True Blood reminded me why it’s such a hit with its rabid fanbase, despite the major ups and downs its faced in recent seasons. Even though they’re all beautiful and capable, none of the characters ever make their situations better for themselves. Sunday nights have become showcases for what not to do when lives are on the line, and vampires, humans, wolves, shifters and faeries alike all make horrible decisions. Nothing is more entertaining than watching our favorite characters shoot themselves in the foot.

Even Eric, the leader of the pack, can’t stop himself from making the wrong move. After tracking down Tara and extracting Willa’s whereabouts, he makes the decision to turn her into a vampire to further their cause, hoping to prove to Burrell that vampires are people, not something to be hunted. It’s a touching thought in concept, but of course it doesn’t work out. Remember when Bill turned Jessica and she went a tad wild? Willa has a similar reaction, and as a result of being sent home without proper training, she tries to bite the governor. So much for helping the vampire cause.

Two interesting points from that scene. First: Eric makes it clear to Willa that he has not made his decision lightly since she’s only the second vampire he’s ever made. But since that’s the case, and since Willa is so important to Eric’s agenda, why didn’t he take more care before sending her home? Eric of all people should know that she might be a bit hungry. Second: Sarah Newlin is seen giving the governor doe eyes, meaning that she’s switched beds from priests to politicians. She’s also the one who shoots Willa when she attacks her father. Perhaps she’s pulling more of the strings than is evident?

Also, remember how the show has sort of fizzled out from the wild, sexy romp it used to be? The scene in which Eric turns Willa is probably the hottest show has been in a while, and it’s absolutely fantastic to see the characters sizzle like they did before.

Billith isn’t doing quite too well either, and he’s slowly dragging Jess down with him in his hunt for a new Tru Blood. After finding out that Andy’s got a handful of faerie kids on his hands, Bill decides to use them for his experiment, which is made easier by the fact that the girls are now young women looking to party before they get too old. After stealing Andy’s car and heading to shop for booze and cigarettes (Natty Light and Kools? Come on, now), Jess and Bill convince them to get into their shady black car for a party at their place. Yes, it’s just as creepy as it sounds, making Billith the newest sex offender in Bon Temps.

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