True Blood Review: “The Sun” (Season 6, Episode 2)


As much as I love this show, True Blood didn’t really bare its teeth in last week’s season premiere. If anything, it felt more like the second part of last season’s finale, bringing closure to a few plot threads before hinting at a few fresh ones. This week’s episode, The Sun, gave fans of Bon Temps plenty to look forward to, even if almost none of it makes sense yet.

Warlow has finally been cemented as a villain on the prowl, even if his role in the episode was to appear in a trench coat and stand around looking tough. To help Jason and Sookie fight off the threat, their faerie grandfather (the guy who picked up Jason on the street) makes an appearance. He reveals to his grandkids that they are descendants of a royal clan of faeries, making Sookie a “faerie princess” (ugh) and Jason squat since he’s 0% fae.

To help Sookie prepare for Warlow’s attack, gramps shows her a secret power she’s inherited, allowing her to create a supernova strong enough to kill attacking vampires. After she uses the power once though, she’ll lose her light. It’s a tough conundrum, but I’d put my money on her using it anyways.

After being rushed by the naked vampire ladies last week, Bill is transported to a sunny field to talk with Lilith (who finally found some clothes) about what he has become. According to her, a great threat is coming (like always), and Bill will be the world’s savior. She also grants him the power to see the future and feel the pain of suffering vampires around him, which is more of a curse than a gift.

This meeting took place in Bill’s head, by the way, because in real life, he was sitting in a chair staring at the wall for a day. Jess is appropriately freaked out, and one of the coolest moments in True Blood history occurs when she brings Bill a blood hooker. Let’s just say if you’re squeamish, skip it. Also, how have you made it this far into the series?

Sookie takes in new half-faerie drifter Ben after finding him attacked by a fanger on the side of the road. After fixing him up and giving him the usual “I’m messed up, don’t even bother asking” spiel, she leads him to the faerie club he never knew of before. Of course, nothing is as it seems with Ben, although I’m guessing his big twist won’t rear its head until season six is just about wrapped up. After being with almost every type of mythological creature in existence, is it any wonder that another half-faerie is her most boring boy toy?

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