True Blood Season 4 Trailer

After much anticipation from fans of True Blood, the season 4 trailer has been released.  It seems obvious from the trailer that season 4 will be full of more blood, sexual tension and love triangles. And of course, battles between werewolves and vampires.

Sookie seems to be heating up her relationship with Eric, but toning down her affair with Bill. Bill is involved with a woman who is definitely not Sookie, Alcide is grunting next to Sookie, Tara is pointing a gun at someone, Jason is tied up and screaming, and Sam is definitely kissing another woman who is, again, not Sookie.  And that’s all just from the trailer. For fans of True Blood, it’s bloody good that the wait is over, and I for one can’t wait until Sunday, June 26 at 9 pm, which is the premiere of season 4 of True Blood, only on HBO!

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