True Blood Season Finale Review: “Save Yourself” (Season 5, Episode 12)

Season finales give our favorite shows a time to shine – to release all of the tension built in the past few months that fans have been carefully obsessing over. In the past, True Blood has always delivered explosive finales, whether they involved a bull punching its way through a witch or a main character taking some buckshot to the face. So even though season 5 wasn’t the strongest or most enjoyable of the pack, it feels great to say that the finale easily lives up to those that came before it, delivering the expected cliffhanger that will keep fans drooling for season 6.

Unlike before, there won’t be many spoilers here, because this is an episode that fans of the show need to see. But it’s at least worth knowing what to expect.

First off, I’ll get the one and only big spoiler out of the way: the fantastic Russell Edgington is finally brought down within the first two minutes of the episode, and sadly, he’s done in with a whimper. Eric arrives to the field just in time to stake our favorite antagonist, ending the hopes of one last epic confrontation between the two. Jason is rattled from the faerie blast he received, leading to hallucinations of his parents commanding him to kill as many fangers as he can. It’s never explained why they’re so much more aggressive than before, but their influence over Jason is undeniable.

Luckily, he channels his rage towards the Authority, as Eric enlists his help along with Sookie’s, Tara’s and Nora’s to take them down. Although we got cheated out of a great Russell fight, the battle with the Authority makes up for it, cheesy effects and all. Enough blood is shed to satisfy even the thirstiest of fangers.

Bill and his surviving cohorts are crazier than ever, as their prolonged nesting has taken a serious toll on their sanity. Their war to become Lilith’s heir heats up, and the conclusion is absolutely ridiculous in the best way. While the vampires are busy fighting over their crazed gods, Sam and Luna continue their efforts to break out with Emma. Although Sam steals the episode with the coolest killing of the series yet, his fate, along with Emma’s and Luna’s, is left up in the air until next season.

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