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True Blood Season Finale Review: “Save Yourself” (Season 5, Episode 12)

Season finales give our favorite shows a time to shine - to release all of the tension built in the past few months that fans have been carefully obsessing over. In the past, True Blood has always delivered explosive finales, whether they involved a bull punching its way through a witch or a main character taking some buckshot to the face.

Elsewhere, Alcide and his pop finally wrap up their storyline in high fashion, beating the snot out of a jacked-up JD and reclaiming the pack as their own. Although this plot sort of petered out a few episodes ago, I still found this to be a satisfying ending and I can’t wait to see what Alcide does with his own pack. Maybe that little vial of V that his dad kept in the fridge will pop back up again?

In one of the more random moments of the night, Maurella delivers her faerie children on a pool table before quickly abandoning all four of them to Andy. The reason for this is still unclear, as Maurella is the one who seduced Andy, and I doubt she spends her free time abandoning her 73 children with clueless men. Seeing Andy try to juggle his kids should be a fun time, and finding out what they’re destined for will be interesting.

The final showdown between Eric, Sookie and Bill brought back old memories of True Blood‘s heyday, as the three haven’t shared the screen enough this season. Of course, the ending is the mother of all cliffhangers, and all I’ll say is that the look of terror on Eric’s face before the credits hit perfectly summed up my feelings of what’s to come. There is no doubt in my mind that the wait until next summer is going to eat fans up.

Despite the lackluster season thus far, “Save Yourself” is the finale that it was built up to be, and probably the best episode of the season. It had all the hallmarks of past seasons that have been missing in the past few episodes. Moments of dark humor had me doubled over laughing, the tension had me worried about my favorite characters, and the show finally felt drop dead sexy again. Even if took a couple episodes to find its stride, True Blood ended in a bloody mess that will satisfy fans while leaving them begging for more like a V addict.

Even though season 5 is over, you can bet your fangs that we’ll be back next summer to cover season 6 and every twist and turn that comes with it. Until then, let us know how you felt about the finale and the season as a whole below.

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