True Blood Season Premiere Review: “Who Are You, Really?” (Season 6, Episode 1)

true blood

It’s finally starting to feel like summer and the sun has never shined brighter. Why not spend the next few weeks down in homely Bon Temps, taking in the sights, hanging out with the locals, perhaps get eaten by some of them as well? That’s right, True Blood is back for yet another wild season, and if the season premiere is of any indication, there isn’t going to be much of Bon Temps (or its residents) left by the finale.

If your memory is as bad as mine, you’ll need a bit of a refresher before going into the sixth season. There’s a tiny flashback montage in the beginning, running through the more important parts of last season, including Tara being turned, Sookie being haunted by a spirit, and Bill guzzling the blood of Lilith.

That last bit is the most important, as Who Are You, Really? kicks off right where we left off. Bill has been resurrected as the embodiment of Lilith, and he/she is pissed. Eric, Sookie, Pam, Jason, Nora, Tara and the rest of the gang all escape the Authority compound, leaving it in ashes as Bill flies away. By the way, Bill can fly now. And cause earthquakes.

The rest of Bon Temps is keeping themselves busy as well. Andy, now the father of four fairy babies, is living with Terry and Arlene, who both help him raise his unexpected surprises. By the end of the episode, the babies have become fully functional toddlers, already walking and talking, in the span of one night. Needless to say, Andy has his plate full since the children’s mother is nowhere to be found. The odd growth spurt raises more than a few questions, like most importantly, how long until the kids are adults? Are they more fae than human? Do we have four more protagonists to add to the already swollen list of characters?

Sam is keeping things moving on the shifter side of things, despite only having a few minutes on screen. Luna’s stunt from last season (shifting into Steve Newlin on TV) has given them the chance to escape with Emma, although Luna dies from the effort of shifting into another person for so long. Sam escapes with Emma back to Merlot’s, where he finds Lafayette waiting. There’s not much development in this storyline, but it did remind how much I love Sam and Lafayette as characters. So more please?

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