Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 Season 1-04 ‘The Wedding’ Recap

Single and unsatisfied where her life is at the moment, June (Dreama Walker) becomes utterly depressed when she receives a wedding invitation in the mail. Chloe (Krysten Ritter) helps June prepare for the wedding by teaching here to be more confident and it works almost too well in the latest episode of Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23.

Chloe and James Van Der Beek (James Van Der Beek) stumble into apartment 23 late at night and proceed to eat the lunch June prepared for the next day. The sounds of the two of them laughing with excitement over the pictures the paparazzi posted of their night out wakes up tired June, who is not amused with their antics and mooching.

The next day, even though she was all dressed up and ready to seize the day, after reading the mail June collapses face down onto the couch and then slips further onto the floor, left catatonic at what she received. The invitation to her friend’s wedding was not good news as it triggered a deluge of bad memories about her ex-fiancee Eli (Michael Blaiklock). She hasn’t seen her friends since the break up and doesn’t know how she is going to face them, to which Chloe responds with sound advice:

“If you’re going to let one stupid setback knock you off your easy spirits than you might as well move home to Indiana. You need to learn some confidence. This is New York! It isn’t what you do but how you do it… don’t write that down.”

That night Chloe takes June under her wing to teach her how to be “bad ass” and find her confidence. After a montage of June learning to get her way around a New York night club, she gains an unfounded level of confidence that she carries on to the next day.

JVDB rather enjoys the new June and decides to take her with him to a party. They end up having a great time which then leads him to invite her to the Dancing With The Stars party that he was already taking Chloe to. Chloe on the other hand does not like this burgeoning friendship and doesn’t care for June encroaching on her territory and lifestyle. Things get even worst when June takes JVDB as her date to the wedding which prompts Chloe to crash the wedding with Kevin Sorbo by her side.

‘The Wedding’ was a great example of where a character plays against the grain and it changes everything in the show. June, who is normally the boring and dependable person in the show now got to let her hair down and I think her character improved because of it. During the episode, June was devastated to hear from her ex-fiancee that he thought she was boring to which Chloe responded “He called you boring? That’s, like, the worst thing you can say to someone.” Chloe was right and hopefully the new, not-as-boring June is here to stay. The fact that the episode ended without June reverting to her old self is very promising.

I’m glad that they got Kevin Sorbo in the episode since he’s also like James Van Der Beek as he’s also a former 90’s star who doesn’t mind poking fun at himself. Every scene he was in was gold.

Overall this was a fun episode that evolved the characters and the relationships between them for the better. I’m a fan and supporter of new June, but what do you guys think? Respond in the comments below.

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