TV Talk: The Walking Dead 7×05 “Go Getters” Review


Welcome to the latest episode our new video web show, TV Talk. Following hot on the heels of Geek Out, which began several weeks ago, TV Talk is another new weekly series brought to you by We Got This Covered. As the title implies, on each instalment we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite TV shows and bringing you our thoughts on them in a quick, easy to digest video.

For this outing, we tackle the new episode of The Walking Dead, which aired tonight on AMC and focused on Maggie and Sasha at Hilltop, where they face opposition from leader Gregory, who isn’t a fan of them staying there. Maggie also seems to be at the start of a pretty big change in “Go Getters,” one which will likely lead her down the same path as her comic book counterpart.

Overall, this definitely felt more like a filler episode of The Walking Dead, with some fairly slow pacing and dialogue that was a little rough around the edges. While it was far from a bad hour of television, when you compare it to what’s come before, it certainly doesn’t have as much of a spark. As such, we’re looking forward to things hopefully picking up next week.

For now though, take a look at the video above for our full thoughts on tonight’s outing of The Walking Dead, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well, as we’ll be back next week to recap episode 6, “Swear.”