TV Talk: The Walking Dead 7×09 “Rock In The Road” Review


Welcome back to TV Talk, everyone! It’s been a while, but our weekly video show is back after a short hiatus and we’re all ready to dive into the second half of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, which kicked off tonight on AMC. Giving us an extended episode, titled “Rock in the Road,” it delivered on almost everything it promised, leaving us feeling optimistic about what’s to come.

As expected, this outing mostly revolved around Rick attempting to get the other communities (Hilltop, The Kingdom) on board with his plan to take down Negan (who, surprisingly, wasn’t really a part of this instalment). Unfortunately for Mr. Grimes, however, he’s met with resistance by both Ezekiel and Gregory, as neither of the leaders seem too interested in joining his cause. That will probably change very soon, but for the time being, it was fun getting to see the different groups interact with one another, with a particular highlight being the moments that Rick and Ezekiel shared.

In a nice turn of events, especially given what we’ve seen in the first half of the season, “Rock in the Road” was also very well paced, using its extended runtime perfectly. We got a lot of great character moments and that scene on the highway was especially good, providing us with suspense and thrills in equal measure. Really, there wasn’t much to complain about on tonight’s much-anticipated episode and it’s got us very eager to see where the show goes from here.

Take a look at the video above for our full thoughts on this week’s outing of The Walking Dead and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we’ll be back on Sunday to take a look at the next instalment of AMC’s hit series, titled “New Best Friends.”