Diehards of fictional serial killers pit Dexter against TV’s latest savage murderer to find the ultimate pro

Image via Showtime

The fictional representation of serial killers has never failed to entice thriller aficionados, especially if the one holding the very deadly-looking knife and drenched in the blood of their victims is particularly charming, suave, and of course, the good looks don’t hurt. But seeing that the history of television is filled with many charismatic murderers, debates to decide who is the ultra-best have been going on for years. And this time, the argument that has kicked off has two killers the world has been obsessed with for years: Dexter Morgan from Dexter and Joe Goldberg from You

While You found new life on Netflix after being cancelled by Lifetime, it is still waiting for its fifth season to receive the green light. As for Dexter: New Blood, which continued the story of the original series, it was canceled after getting only one season on Showtime. 

But that has done nothing to dampen the love (read: obsession) fans have for either character, though they are ready to pit the duo in a race that is based on finer details like the motive behind their kills, whose killing skills are more refined, and who would snuff out the other with little to no effort. While both sides have a devoted fandom of their own, when it comes to picking the best serial killer of the two, both sides united to declare the obvious winner. 

Of course, the biggest point that earns Dexter the upper hand is that, unlike Joe, he is more of a vigilante serial killer who only targets other murderers, after confirming beyond a single doubt that they are guilty and deserve to be on the receiving end of his brand of justice, that is.


It also comes down to the level of Dexter’s prey — they are all skilled killers themselves while, as rightfully highlighted in the tweets, Joe often makes innocent, unsuspecting people his victims who don’t really pose much of a threat. 

And in case, the two deadly assailants ever come face to face… well, forget Dexter supporters, even loyal Joe stans are sure the former will beat the unhinged stalker without even giving him the chance to retaliate. 


But what everyone is forgetting is that we are on our way to glimpse the new Joe who has embraced his darkness and has already started dispatching hurdles in his path with a ruthlessness we have never seen in him before. Armed with Kate’s limitless wealth and his now-unleashed penchant for violence wrapped in his acute cleverness, crossing Mr. Joe Goldberg might become the last mistake Dexter ever commits.