Twitter is losing it over Nick Cannon’s ‘cannon’

Nick Cannon

Twitter is afire with reactions over pictures from the comedian’s new eponymous talk show that seem to show the evidence of a rather sizable endowment.

Screengrabs from the episode, which aired last week, show a sizable bulge in the America’s Got Talent host’s suit pants. While Nick Cannon delivered his “What’s Poppin” pop culture segment, performing a riff on a Golden Girls fan convention, viewers took notice of a rather noticeable outline the multi-hyphenate was hosting in his pants.

Since the episode aired, fan reaction has trended on Twitter with actions running the gamut between amusement to admiration with more than a few comments referencing the performers’ last name.

This certainly isn’t the first time Twitter has blown up over a celebrity’s prominent “outline.” John Hamm endured similar attention when a photo of him apparently “going commando” in a pair of grey sweatpants went viral on social media in 2017. Apparently, Cannon is following Hamm’s lead in making no comment upon the screen grabs and letting what evidence there is stand on its own.

Not unrelatedly, Cannon has been in the news recently for turning procreation into an actual hobby. He currently has seven kids and counting, with four born in the last year alone to three different women.

The Nick Cannon show premiered on September 27th of this year. The show offers a mix of music, comedy, sketches, games, pop culture, and celebrity interviews and airs on local FOX affiliates. Thus far, fan reaction has been lukewarm, but perhaps the current social media furor could gain a new array of fans? The new screen grabs are definitely engaging some Twitter users.

“What’s poppin,” indeed.